The purpose of this site is to take the piss out of Australia’s most shameless, racist idiots. We created this site to show the world that Australia is not filled with racist bogans, but these people represent only a tiny minority of our country and the rest of us think they are bloody cockwombles.

Who we are

Depends on the week, some weeks we’re Slackbastard, others we’re Anonykatz but mostly we’re just what George Soros tell us to be. Thanks for the bucks George baby.


This site is taking the piss and anyone who is offended by mocking racist idiots is cordially invited to go fuck themselves. Although we endeavour to make sure any actual information here is accurate and timely, we make no guarantees, and we emphasise that this site is satire.

Everything on this site is from publicly available material and is considered fair use for the purpose of hilarious ridicule under DMCA and Australian law.

Any other legal threats can be sent to RollingOnFloorLitigating@southerncrosstika.com