David Goodridge

David Goodridge

The Boston Tea Party was an act of progressive civil defiance that took place in the USA over 200 years ago. One of the most famous and successful acts of anarchy on record, it was perpetrated by unionised workers, and it led to a revolution where the anti-racist side came out victorious.

Extreme far-right Australian ‘patriot’ David Goodridge thought that was a good fit for his cause and emulated the eponymous modern American racists by starting the Australian Tea Party.

David Goodridge is one of the faux-patriot types that would help American terrorists assassinate our Prime Minister for a cup of Starbucks coffee and a $1 note. Goodridge can be seen grinning like a shot fox in photographs next to some of the most egregious war criminals of our lifetime, including Rupert Goebbel‘s minions at Fox News, and corrupt oxygen thief, Michelle Bachmann.

The quantity of racism, misogyny, and ignorance that froth up from Goodridge’s Aus Tea Party Facebook page can be overwhelming. Although his intellectual limitations and poor literacy mean that it’s mathematically impossible for Goodridge to read a fraction of what his hate page posts every day (despite being mostly 20 word memes), it’s certain that he’s exposing himself to an unhealthy amount of idiocy, leaving him trapped in a self-induced stupor of stupidity.

Apart from the constant use of memes featuring lifelong Democratic party supporter and anti-Iraq war activist Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, Goodridge spends his time soliciting cash from the American Tea Party and bragging about leading the Australian Defence League (in case you were wondering who Wiggum really takes orders from).

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