Fay Hill

Fay Hill

Maryborough’s Fay Hill is a xenophobic religious extremist who is most famous for teaming up with Liz Carlsen and repeat criminal offender Ralph Cerminara in order to attack the reputations of women, resulting in a number of Australian women being threatened with sexual violence.

One of the operators of the vicious harassment site Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed, Fay Hill is a petulant, racist hypocrite. Operating multiple Facebook profiles and pages under fake names, Hill both creates and spreads obvious lies to promote her un-Australian agenda.

As a fundamentalist Christian extremist, part of Hill’s goal is to bring her perverse version of Canon law to Australia, even though her religious text advocates for slavery, the killing of people for their sexuality, and unrepentant misogyny.

Using her archaic religious values as justification, Fay Hill is a hateful homophobe

Hill has never gone on record apologising for all of the child abuse perpetrated by the most senior representatives of her religion. We don’t think anyone should have to apologise for crimes committed by another, but if Hill’s own stupid standard was applied, it would suggest that her refusal to apologise for every crime committed by every Christian means that not only is she completely supportive of children being sexually abused, but that she is actually somehow responsible for it.

Fay Hill’s favourite pastime is harassing only those that seem the most vulnerable among the people that speak out against her crusades of hatred. She also enjoys attempting to silence her critics by abusing Facebook’s lack of standards, using her multiple accounts to mass report people that counter her deceptive, racist agenda.

Hill, despite her extremely poor language skills, calls herself a writer. Hill also claims to have a degree in Human Services & Social Work from Southern Cross University [no affiliation] and to work in that field. If this is true, we implore anyone that has any details about her employer to contact them or us immediately so that they can be alerted to her extremist prejudices and her inclination towards harassing people who disagree with her political stance. This behaviour is clearly incompatible with the responsibilities those roles would require.

In an unusually prescient move, Fay Hill once wrote a description of the groups that were eventually going to become such a huge part of her life.


Though most white people would strongly disagree with this white supremacy group, it is surprising what damage a small group can achieve.

They need to be pulled into line fast or this minority will collect more odd bods and, though still a minority compared to the population, will grow steadily.

I attended a church in Rockhampton that was predominately made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

They are no different to white people.

We are all Australians and make up the real Australian culture that makes Australia great.

We certainly dont need to embrace the dregs of American culture; if we are going to copy them, let’s choose the finer pursuits.

Even America is waking up and acknowledging they have allowed these hate groups too much leash for evildoing.

The very worst thing is that they also have a pretence to Christianity, so they do all these violent acts in the name of Jesus, who will be their judge.

But let’s get them judged here on planet Earth first. Perchance they may wake up as we tighten the leash before they meet the divine judge.


– Fay Hill, 2002

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