John Kyneur

John Kyneur international man of mystery!

Actually John’s a fantacist. We’re about 99.5% sure we know John’s full and correct bio and we’ll publish it when we are 100% certain.

In the mean time John is just plain entertaining. Check out this word salad, can anyone help us with what the fuck he’s actually saying?


Is English a second language for John? Here’s another unintelligible gem


And another


Then we get to the stuff that’s not mildly entertaining. John goes full violence threatening Walter Mitty here, super secret squirrel who apparently participated in riots?? Editing for comprehension is always a goer Johnny.


And then we reckon your right hand must have been generating so much friction when you wrote this post you were in danger of setting your tiny dick on fire!


And then this little 4Chan-esque CAPS LOCK beauty


Now if you’re really, really bored. No I mean really! Then check out his IQ robbing YouTube channel

or his equally turgid Twitter feed

or any of his fake Facebook profiles

Now the especially hilarious bit; Mr Intell (sic) on 3 continents super mystery squirrel has been posting in some odd places. Including some that are especially hilarious in light of Johnny’s claim to be a super spy. We’ll let you in on the joke sometime John but be sure you’ll be the last to know.

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