Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton is most famous for violating international law, human rights and every kind of common decency while he implements the Liberal National Party’s Stop The Brown People policy.

Peter Dutton’s grand plan to keep Australia white boils down to being as cruel and inhumane as possible to people who have different coloured skin.

Dutton’s justification for his egregious violations of human rights seems to be that we have to be more brutal to refugees than the wars they’re running from to ensure they’d rather stay there and die quickly than come here and die slowly.

By keeping children locked in concentration camps indefinitely, with no chance of being processed or freed, Peter Dutton hopes that any other victims of our wars will avoid seeking refuge here. Two of Dutton’s proudest achievements as Minister of Torturing Non-Whites are the large number of children that have been sexually abused, and the women he’s forced to carry their rapist’s child without access to safe or legal abortion.

Peter Dutton is so stupid and racist that he somehow believes all refugees are illiterate and innumerate, yet also capable of performing his job well enough to replace him. Given the work he’s done so far, we don’t disagree with that last part.

If you are a conservative, white, heterosexual, cis-male Christian born in Australia, then Peter Dutton isn’t likely to be a huge threat to you, but Dutton has shown that he has no issues with violating the law if it allows him to brutally persecute, oppress and abuse “others”. To anyone else, Peter Dutton’s lack of empathy and pride in his sadistic cruelty should be considered extremely dangerous.

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