Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson is Australia’s metaphor for Nazism. We thought she was gone and that no one would ever suffer through her shit again, but she has experienced a revival and a new wave of racially motivated violence follows in her wake.

Hanson created the infamous One Nation party in 1997 as a “fuck you” to the Australian values of a fair go for everyone and boundless plains to share.

Much could be said about Pauline Hanson and the racist rhetoric that earned her popularity in the sewers of Australian politics, and most of it has been said over the last 18 years. We’ll keep this short and remind everyone that this slimy piece of shit was imprisoned for election fraud before racist-sympathising politicians started making public statements deriding the court’s decision, and she was released on appeal.

In a weird case of infighting, Tony Abbott established a fund to help sue Hanson and her party because there are only so many racist votes to go around.

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