Toby Cook

Toby Cook

Radicalized youth are a big problem, and Toby is no exception. The newest playmate of Nick Folkes, Toby has popped up looking dazed and confused in several low quality videos of late.

From stomping on people on the ground, to popping pingers before a rally, young Toby is really inspiring the disenfranchised, overweight youth of today.

While he looks sharp in his best $40 Lowes suit, Toby isn’t the sharpest potato in the sack. A recent beatdown from ANTIFA (where they took all the potato flags and banners) resulted in young Toby mistakenly claiming a victory. Similar claims were made after he mistook Nick Folkes’ and Shermon Burgess’ court case as a victory, making us wonder whether his definition of victory includes losing shit, such as fights, money and possessions.

Toby Cook is the token fat kid, indoctrinated at a young age so that Nick Folkes can ensure his Party For Freedom’s ongoing survival as the “lefty scum” corrupt the country with diversity and multiculturalism.

While he gives the full appearance of being little more than a desperate lackey cleaving to the final dregs of the racist sentiment dividing this nation, Toby Cook needs to be monitored as he goes through the full Cancer life cycle.

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