Rita Panahi

Rita Panahi

Fascist Rita Panahi is one of Rupert Murdoch‘s more shameless and seemingly less intelligent lackeys. Due to either feigned or actual stupidity, Rita Panahi defecates a constant stream of exactly the kind of baseless fearmongering Murdoch wants, sans prompting or direction.

While Rita Panahi manifests all of the classic traits of a fascist fuckhead (such as racism, homophobia, sexism and a simmering hatred for everything she can’t understand – which seems to be everything), it’s her obsession with “lefties” that truly characterizes her bigotry. Rita Panahi, it seems, is afraid and disgusted by the idea of humanitarians, empathy, or people caring about anything… but themselves.

Like all Murdoch lapdogs, Rita Panahi is used to promote the extreme fascist ideology (and the parties that implement it) that provides her master with the best loopholes and tax breaks for his multi-billion dollar propaganda empire.

Just another tool.

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