Bret Cansfield

It’s not easy to stand out in Australia’s largest city, but Sydney’s Bret Cansfield has found his own way to be noticed.

Even though it’s difficult to communicate with Bret Cansfield due to his poor language skills, what little meaning can be extracted from his arcane ramblings makes it clear that he is a fanatically hateful racist.

Bret Cansfield’s inability to grasp basic linguistic concepts leads to the kind of flagrant stupidity that makes the punchline for this facepalm:

Bret Cansfield: illiterate, racist, homophobic
Bret Cansfield: illiterate, racist, homophobic

Bret Cansfield one of the few people present for the protest against Australian values at #WestpacRaceRiot in Cronulla.

Location:       Sydney

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