Catherine Brennan

Catherine Brennan

Catherine Brennan helped start Reclaim Australia in an apparent attempt to be known all over the country as one of Australia’s most selfish, evil morons.

Catherine “Cathy” Brennan has had a rough life, growing up white in Sydney and grappling with the knowledge that brown people are infesting her country and challenging her privilege.

Catherine Brennan is notable only for helping John Oliver and Wanda Marsh to create a movement based on stupidity and filled with hatred. Her one justification for oppressing minorities seems to be that she failed to use birth control. We only hope Catherine Brennan’s child will somehow grow up into a thoughtful, intelligent and considerate person, and like the rest of the country, hate her mother for being an ignorant, racist arsehole.

Catherine Brennan isn’t particularly dangerous when she’s alone as she must constantly bathe in the blood of recently sacrificed children to regenerate. She becomes a serious threat when given an opportunity to publicly vocalise her rhetoric for more than a brief period, though, because like some sort of pied-piper for violent, fascist bigots, she can attract a swarm of thugs with alarming speed.

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