Gary Heit

Gary Heit

Former soldier Gary Heit is a violent thug who is especially dangerous because his delusional stupidity causes him to think his attacks on Australian civilians are condoned by the Australian Defence Force.

One of the worms trying to wiggle its way up Squirmy Burgess’s arsehole, Gary Heit is known for bragging about his violent bullying on The Great Aussie Patriot page.

Gary Heit explains how he harasses and threatens to bash civilians as condoned by his regiment
Gary Heit explains how he harasses and threatens to bash civilians for their perceived political views, as condoned by his regiment

Terrified of a fair fight, this brainwashed goon is the kind of cowardly weakling who will only ever target those few people who seem even feebler than himself. Gary Heit is dangerous because his complete lack of respect for Australian law and Australian values means that he is likely to try bash random people in public at any time, and his propensity to avoid “picking on someone his own size” means that he may target children, the elderly, and the differently-abled.

We encourage anyone who feels the inclination to find out if the ADF really does condone the politically-motivated violence against Australians that Gary Heit claims to be perpetrating with their support.

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