Jay-Leighsa Bauman

Jay-Leighsa Victoria Bauman is a criminal hatemonger famous for being convicted of being an unrepentant fuckhead.

Concurrent with having posts all over Facebook about how little she cared about the consequences of her actions, in March 2015, Jay-Leighsa Victoria Bauman pleaded guilty to ‘using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence’.

While we at Southern Crosstika advocate education as the best course to building a loving and egalitarian society, it seems that Jay-Leighsa Bauman may be irredeemably stupid. Too much of her brainpower is consumed by misplaced fear and misguided rage and any attempt to bring nuance into her life will most likely result in Jay-Leighsa Victoria Bauman viciously abusing minorities and winding up with more criminal convictions.

Update, July 2016

Since publishing this profile about her, Jay-Leighsa Bauman has had several of her friends contact us asking us to remove this profile because (according to her friends) Jay-Leighsa Bauman never actually committed the crime she was convicted of.

We have given Jay-Leighsa Bauman repeated opportunities to express some contrition, remorse, or to even just provide ‘her side’ of the story about why an Australian court convicted her of this vicious harassment, but the only direct responses we’ve received from Jay-Leighsa Bauman are threats of legal action.

As with all of our profiles, we have repeatedly checked the facts reported here for accuracy, and to the best of our ability, we have confirmed that this information is true. The information reported in this profile has been reported in the following (non-exhaustive) list of articles. Are you going to sue them, too, Jay-Leighsa?

Threat level

Dayjob:       Community service

Location:       Ipswich

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14 thoughts on “Jay-Leighsa Bauman

  1. This is a load of shit. How can you judge someone by one mistake? You guys are the fucktards. Do you know this girl personally? No. I do. And you know what ? She is actually far from what you knuckleheads describe. She is a loving and caring person with a heart of gold. She made a mistake. She shouldn’t be punished over and over again . Its bullshit. You people are nothing but keyboard warriors and I’d be to tell you this in person . You fuckwits judge her for social media comments and then post this shit? You’re a joke. Jay is by far and away a better person than you guys. That is for sure . You boofheads need to take a look in the mirror and stop being fuckwits. You don’t know the girl. Youbjave no idea of the person she actually is. I do. Please feel free to bag me. Shows how fucked up you are. Here is some ammo . I have a criminal history.. Pretty extensive too; yet I have managed to have a great career. That make me open to more criminal convictions? People make mistakes dickheads. Get a life!


  2. Its okay, Jim. I’m taking this link to the Police.

    It’s NOT okay for people to keep doing to me, what I got in trouble for. Oh BY THE WAY- My phone was taken and those msgs were sent by a violent and abusive Ex partner who had already broken my spirits… now I cop abuse from strangers all over the world because of his actions.

    This photo just makes me want to kill myself. I hadn’t slept in weeks 🙁


  3. Jay it isn’t ok. You don’t deserve this and I’ll stand by you 100% . These people and others around the world are keyboard warriors with no sense of pride and dignity.
    You are a beautiful and caring soul and don’t deserve the harassment that you get. Its hypocrisy. Simple as that. Don’t let others bring you down to their level. You are strong you are amazing. Simple as that.

    Oh to you numb nuts, I’m Maltese Australian, if Jay is so racist and bigoted how the hell is she one of the closet people in my life? She must be a real racist hey?


    1. @Allen
      Mate this is a joke. This girl makes one mistake and she is judged by it for ever ? Anyone who supports this site or sites like it are bigoted , prejudiced and small minded. Keyboard warriors need a life. Just leave this girl alone. She deals with this every day. She deserves some sort of peace.


      1. What about her victims, Jim?

        Do you know how much suffering and misery Jay-Leighsa caused by harassing, abusing and humiliating other Australians? Have you ever told anyone to stop harassing and abusing Jay-Leighsa’s victim(s)?

        She made “one mistake” by deliberately destroying someone’s life and then bragging about how proud and remorseless she was. The only thing Jay-Leighsa seems to regret about her behaviour is the way it’s affected her. She doesn’t actually seem to regret what she did, or who she hurt, only that there were consequences for herself.

        Jim, you know that we have contacted you in private to give Jay-Leighsa an opportunity to apologise to her victims. If she really wants to move on with her life then she needs to show some genuine contrition for the life she has led up until now, and the pain it has caused someone other than herself.


  4. @ Jesus

    You state that Jay “destroyed” someones life? How is that so when her “victim(s)” , as you kindly put it are not subjected to the constant on line bullying that you apparently condone? Jay is remorseful for her actions she shouldn’t be judged on one mistake. This is a load of crap .

    I don’t see her “victims” being harrassed and bullied or their lives destroyed. Jay is the one who’s life is being destroyed.


  5. This chick is kidding herself.

    [Jeff, we have deleted the rest of your comment because no matter what kind of atrocities this woman has or will commit, no one ever deserves to be physically abused.

    These kinds of comments are the kind of thing we expect to see on fascist pages, and its the reason we profile people.

    This kind of behaviour is not just unacceptable, it’s what we’re fighting against.]


  6. I don’t have to explain myself to YOU, or anyone, the judge made their decision based on half-facts and that is all your tiny mind needs to know.

    The police will deal with this (your) defamatory profile of me, though.


  7. Jay-Leighsa is a personal friend and she has every right to sue you trolls. How can you know “the facts”? AssumingJay’s court record is public knowledge, did you have access to the QP9s? To statements? Journalists tend to leave out certain facts to make a good story. Trust me I know. I’ve been there.
    You’re comments are derogatory towards a very good person WHO DID NOT this. Jay is a wonderful person and I find it hard to fathom in the time I’ve known her she would do this Her word is good enough for me. She deserves the chance to move forward with her life and not be subjected to these comments for life. You people are nothing but keyboard warriors looking for publicity.



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