Jimmy McKinlay

Jimmy McKinlay

Jimmy McKinlay (or Jimmy Junior McKinlay) is not necessarily the most vocal racist in Eaton but is potentially very dangerous.

If he wasn’t a vocal advocate of murdering people to further his white supremacist ideology, Jimmy McKinlay would be as noteworthy as every other fascist drone fucking up our country. A poorly educated road-raging driver obsessed with cars and women who have tattoos, Jimmy McKinlay’s presence in Australia is as noteworthy as an individual white tail spider. He is a mindless nuisance indistinguishable from countless others of his kind but nevertheless a venomous pest that needs to be isolated from humans.

Jimmy McKinlay is mainly famous for encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism with the unfettered support of Reclaim Australia, the United Patriots Front and the “Stop the Mosque Bunbury / Dardanup” Facebook page.

Jimmy McKinlay: Burn It Down With Them All In It
Jimmy McKinlay telling people to commit arson and murder.

Jimmy McKinlay provides some great examples of the sort of movements you can typically find supported by these kinds of right-wing terrorists:

Jimmy McKinlay's Facebook Likes show his propensity towards extreme fascist ideology
Jimmy McKinlay’s Facebook Likes show his propensity for extreme fascist ideology

Because he is known to encourage acts of terrorism, Jimmy McKinlay should be considered very dangerous.

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