John Oliver

John Oliver

John Oliver is famous for being one of Australia’s most cowardly idiots.

Along with Catherine Brennan and Wanda Marsh, John Oliver helped start Reclaim Australia to show the entire country how scared and stupid they are.

The extensive tertiary education John Oliver must have pursued in order to get into the elite, intellectual field of landscape gardening has apparently taught him to fear people with different coloured skin. Using his obviously profound and deeply studied knowledge of theology and geopolitics, John Oliver quivers with fear and squeals for the rest of Australia to come and hide from the boogeyman with him.

Not one Australia’s brightest Islamaphobes, John Oliver makes up for his glaring ignorance by being one of Australia’s most afraid. Another racist whose only excuse for being a hate-filled wankstain is that he knocked someone up, we hope that a tiny fraction of the energy John Oliver dedicates to spreading his cowardice around the country is spent making sure his children are educated. If they manage to reach high school then they will finally understand why their father is infamous for being a piece of shit.

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