Julian de Ross

Julian de Ross

Julian de Ross (aka Hugh Pearson) is one of the pinhead puppeteers pulling the strings of the United Patriots Front. Like an incredibly idiotic supervillain, Julian de Ross tries to hide his identity while he encourages Australia’s fascist movements to do the stupid things they do.

Too ashamed of himself to use his real name but too hateful not vilify oppressed groups and minorities, Julian de Ross is currently hiding behind the pseudonym “Hugh Pearson”.

“Hugh Pearson”, aka “Hugh Martel”, aka “John Sobieski” acted as spokesperson for Wiggum Cerminara‘s Australian Defence League before the group’s blatant public calls for terror attacks caused it to be erased from the internet.

We were going to include screenshots of Julian de Ross’s endless streams of stupidity, but the quantity is overwhelming. Julian de Ross might just be the most copious conservative cockhole in the country.

We encourage everyone to send in all your favourite screenshots of Julian de Ross’s stupidity, racism and misogyny, and we will update his profile with the best ones. For now, we’re going to include just this bit of insight from around the time of the October 2015 Bendigo racism rally:

Julian de Ross aka Hugh Pearson trying to address the consequences of his hateful rhetoric
Julian de Ross (aka Hugh Pearson) trying to address the consequences of his hateful rhetoric.

Julian de Ross is a hysterical racist, homophobic hatemonger that is preoccupied with preventing brown people from having any of the same rights as himself. The huge amounts of paranoid rage that pour out of him every day can only be interpreted as a dangerous obsession.

Julian de Ross is a hateful maniac that should be avoided.

More information about Julian de Ross is available from ReclaimWhat.

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