Kim Vuga

Kim Vuga represents everything that is wrong with Australia. An especially selfish, stupid, fascist piece of shit, Kim Vuga gained fame among Australia’s hillbilly losers by having so little empathy that she was unmoved by seeing human suffering firsthand on Go Back To Where You Came From.

By mashing her face on a keyboard to create pools of sewerage that she calls policy, Kim Vuga is trying to launch a political party based on her vision of a White Australia. Almost every day she publishes a new set of stupid lies on the internet to drum up fear in the few idiots that will ever support her, and somehow every single lie is punctuated with its own unique stamp of unbelievable stupidity. Kim Vuga’s one intellectual strength is her unsettling ability to be stupider in shocking new ways every day.

Possibly the most ridiculed and despised person in Australia, Kim Vuga is selfish, stupid and coriaceous.

Did we mention how stupid this evil shitstain is?

Executive Stupid Evil Fuckwit
Threat level

Dayjob:       Full-time shit hole

Location:       Gladstone

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One thought on “Kim Vuga

  1. Do you have an email contact for Kim Vuga? BTW I don’t care if you publish my address – moronic gibberings are just part of the furniture to me given that in Australia I live in a fully unreconstructed village in Boganville.



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