Nathan Paterson

Nathan Paterson

Update, April 2016:

Nathan Paterson has been charged with offensive behaviour and resisting arrest.


Nathan Paterson doesn’t want to be called a redneck, bogan racist, so we’ve left the adjectives out of this profile. We have let Nathan’s own words, actions and images describe him as he intends.

Nathan Paterson is a Reclaim Australia follower who became famous for doing an interview with The Newcastle Herald to clarify that he’s not racist. It included quotes such as:


They’re all over in their countries blowing each other up, and they want to bring all that here. I say just leave them there,


Here’s a picture of Nathan Paterson:

Nathan Paterson holding a pistol
Nathan Paterson holding a pistol

In reference to the Bangladeshi kebab shop owner that Nathan Paterson knows from the gym he attends twice a day, he was quoted as saying:


I don’t actually know his name, I call him Bangladesh,


Here’s one more picture of Nathan Paterson:

Nathan Paterson showing his artwork
Nathan Paterson showing his artwork

And here’s one more quote:


‘‘People judge you just for the way you look, without knowing anything about you, which I think, that’s not fair,’’ he said.


Yes, those are the words of Nathan Paterson, ardent Reclaim Australia follower.

We hope that Nathan feels less cranky knowing that we’ve represented him in the way he seems to intend.

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