Phill Galea

Phill Galea

Phill Galea is known for being a United Patriots Front thug imprisoned for being caught doing what every United Patriots Front thug talks about doing.

A typical member of Australia’s racist Stop The Mosque movements, Phill Galea was arrested in November 2015 with weapons and bomb-making materials that he intended to use at one of Reclaim Australia’s hate rallies.

It’s been reported that Phill Galea was removed from Reclaim Australia rallies by the police on two previous separate occasions for bringing weapons. Before being locked up, Phill Galea claimed that the term “Reclaim Australia” was his intellectual property and that he was an admin of the Reclaim Australia – Melbourne Facebook page.

Phill Galea surrounded by supporters in Bendigo
Phill Galea and supporters in Bendigo, including Adam Lloyd, Sue Hicks, Steven Hansford, Blair Cottrell, Chris ShortisJohn Wilkinson and Ange Campbell.

Until his arrest and subsequent jailing, neither the UPF or Reclaim Australia cared to distance themselves from Phill Galea, despite his reputed violence. After being convicted for his terrorist activities, Phill was abandoned by his brave RA and UPF friends who claimed not to know him.

Phill Galea was one of the main organisers behind Reclaim Australia until being put in prison, and he remains the perfect example of the danger these violent crazies present to ordinary Australians.

Update, April 2016

A video recently uploaded to the Reclaim Australia Victoria Inc page suggested that Phil Galea could have “helped” the patriots in some way if the police hadn’t prevented this armed extremist from attending these kinds of events. After we demanded that Reclaim Australia explain how an armed extremist could have helped their cause, the video was deleted.

Based on the video’s content and its subsequent deletion, it’s probably be safe to say that the racist Facebook hate page Reclaim Australia Victoria Inc is operated (at least in part) by Phil Galea and Steven Skinner.

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