Rachel Thew

Rachel Thew

Vicious racist neo-Nazi Rachel Thew is one of Australia’s most prolific fuckheads.

Operating a fascist Facebook forum known deceptively as “We Care A Lot”, Rachel Thew spends up to 23 hours a day looking for racist nonsense on the internet to justify her hatred.

Rachel Thew's peaceful comments show she cares
Rachel Thew’s peaceful comments show she cares

On any given day Rachel Thew is seen spewing vast quantities of moronic vitriol onto the internet. Variously alternating between calling innocent people terrorists and planning or calling for her own attacks, Rachel Thew is a deluded extremist seeking a violent outcome: she wants Muslims and refugees killed en mass, presumably after being rounded up into concentration camps.

1 thought on “Rachel Thew

  1. I dared to ask Rachel a question ( where in the world was what she perceived as “The White Race” in danger of being killed ) I also listed the number of races that made up her mythical English race.

    She replied with insults and a hate internet site as an answer

    I dared to ask another question and received more insults about how I was an anti white racist I was then blocked before I had an chance of discussion



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