Wanda Marsh

Wanda Marsh

Wanda Marsh is an uneducated soccer mum whose only contribution to society seems to be shitting out babies and racist vitriol.

Notable simply because she helped Catherine Brennan and John Oliver start an infamous hate movement, Wanda Marsh is otherwise a very uninteresting human being. As Head Ignorant Loudmouth, Wanda Marsh is responsible for using her advanced kindergarten education to create Reclaim Australia’s arts and crafts.

Having done nothing in her life that she’s proud of other than getting pregnant and subjugating minorities, there’s not a lot to say about Wanda Marsh. Everything about this generic, racist fearmonger can be summarised in one word: dull.

4 thoughts on “Wanda Marsh

  1. Welcome Wander to the Australian Liberty Alliance party.
    A breath of fresh air in our bi-polarised political scene, Wanda and ALA will make a significant change to the Australian political landscape, rejuvenating our attitude to making our country better for those who love our way of life without pandering to outspoken minority groups who wish to transform Australia into a country without an identity.


  2. “Potty mouth lefties running scared”

    Running scared of what exactly? Did you read the article? The woman is even less charismatic than her bonehead bogan cronies.
    Like the rest of you neo-fascist scum, she has nothing positive to contribute to Australian politics – at best, these deadbeats are capable of uniting to preach hate, based on ignorance and fear – and any political clout ever possessed by *any* of the Reclaim/UPF fashed-up-bogan has been piddled away as these ignorant hate groups’ in-fighting splits any potential for a United – *ahem* “patriots” movement (whatever you twits call yourselves this week) to make the slightest impact, in terms of parliamentary success.

    I’d say Wanda is a “has-been” – but that’s an unfair assessment.

    She’s a “never-was”; not even a footnote in the history of Australian bigotry.
    As for her campaign for parliamentary legitimacy?

    The “Matriarch of Moronic Xenophobic Opportunism” role has long been held by a – comparatively – successful and widely known bigot, known affectionately as “Pauline”.
    Wanda’s hopeless – and, incidentally, she has no hope of ever being considered a legitmate politician.
    Just a pathetic rabble-rouser of the lowest variety; like Pauline Hanson, but even more cheap ‘n’ nasty.

    As for the very language-sensitive prudish posters above, “Simon” and “Malcolm” (different people – apparently”) and their objection to “potty mouth” lefties” *speaking freely* and about your mob of miserable meat-heads who spread fear, lies and prejudice, as though it is their entitlement – or even obligation – according to the bastardised notion of “freedom of speech” espoused and frequently evoked – by so many on the far right.

    Oops – did i say “bastard”?

    If that bothers you, perhaps you need to listen to “the people: “fuck off, nazi scum”.
    Swear words are part of the cultural heritage of this country, and by suppressing my language, you are attempting to oppress the expression of my culture – which is ironic, because this new model of fascism (same shit, more steroidal narcissism) purports to be standing up for ‘white Australians’ with a working class, Christian-derived background; which is absolute fucking bollocks – your agenda is self-interest, self promotion – based on ignorant bullshit.
    Now, if you stupid cunts can’t understand that, i suggest you shut your fucking mouths – especially when it comes to discussing “cultural values” or speaking about – or on behalf of – entire communities.
    Get off your “potty mouth” highhorses, and get the fuck out.



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