Zane Chapman

A day in the life of Zane Chapman

Zane Chapman is criminal thug famous for being one of Reclaim Australia’s most violent cowards.

A scared and useless person with nothing to offer the world, Zane Chapman is so desperate to feel wanted and accepted that he will do almost anything to seem tough in front of other moronic goons.

Zane Chapman proudly boasts about assaulting innocent people, bashing his victims and having his fines paid by Reclaim Australia. Knowing that Reclaim Australia will fund whatever violent crimes he wants to commit, Zane Chapman seeks fights at every opportunity.

Covering his face to avoid being identified while he commits violent crimes, Zane Chapman is the personification of the UPF’s weakly cowardice. Throwing objects such as glass bottles at medics, starting fights and randomly assaulting people are just a few of the criminal acts Zane Chapman is known to commit when Rupert Murdoch and Liz Carlsen unleash him onto the streets.

Zane Chapman is known to be a frail little pissant when he’s not hiding behind his mates or hiding his identity, but he has no concern about or remorse for breaking Australian laws to bring harm to fellow Australians because he knows that Reclaim Australia will pay whatever fines he receives for his criminal activity. Zane Chapman has no respect for Australian values and Reclaim Australia has shown that it will fully support whatever violence he engages in, so he should be considered dangerous.

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