Scott Morrison

Religious extremist, racist homophobe and by-proxy child abuser, Scott Morrison, is the former Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (AKA Minister for Torturing Children to Scare Away the Brown People), the former Minister for Social Services (AKA Minister for Keeping Money Away From Workers and in the Hands of Rich Liberal Party Donors), and also the soon to be former Federal Treasurer for Australia.

Scott Morrison is widely recognised as one of the most evil scumbags to ever weasel his way into political power in Australia, presumably so that he could fulfil his most infamous imperative of ensuring people seeking refuge here are raped and forced to carry their rapist’s babies in the concentration camps he wants them to suffer in indefinitely.

Scott Morrison is one of the most dangerous people in the country as evidenced by his extreme religious views and support for religious extremists, his support for all of the most evil LNP policies, and his apparent psycopathy which is seen in his complete indifference to human suffering. (Although maybe that’s not a fair statement, considering Scott Morrison only seems to consider white Christians as humans.)

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