Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is a murderous tyrant born in Australia and kicked out for being an evil fuckhead.

Unwelcome in Australia because we don’t like fearmongering warcriminals profiteering in our country, Rupert Murdoch now lives alongside his true allies and partners, the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

Promoting torture, covering up rapes and slaughtering civilians by the city, for decades Rupert Murdoch and the CIA have been working together to start wars that enrich themselves and their friends at the cost of millions of innocent lives.

All of Australia’s racists, neo-Nazis and bogans answer to Rupert Murdoch and the CIA. Despite their claims, Australia’s self-described “patriots” are traitorous cowards who take orders exclusively from an American warmonger and the American intelligence agency he works for.

At the moment Murdoch/CIA are encouraging the murder of Muslims and brown people so that’s what Australia’s dropkicks and dipshits are helping normalise. If Rupert Murdoch and the CIA decide today that they want to blow up Israel and The Vatican, by tomorrow all of Australia’s stupid bigots will be boycotting anything with the word ‘kosher’ on it and following Stop the Synagogue and Stop the Church pages.

Rupert Murdoch is the undisputed leader of all of Australia’s uneducated racist fucksticks.

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