Ewan McDonald

Ewan McDonald

Religious extremist Ewan McDonald hates Australia’s secular laws and values so much so he’s dedicated his life to bringing biblical law here instead. Fortunately, Ewan McDonald isn’t competent enough to contrive a Christian caliphate in this country, and is instead relegated to spamming lies and racist vitriol as admin of infamous terror hub, Stop the Mosque in Bendigo Facebook page.

Ewan McDonald is best described by the words of his own failed political campaigns. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite quotes below (originally from here and archived here):


Ewan believes the majority of the problems facing Australia stem from the fact that over several decades the atheistic worldview of evolutionary/secular humanism has all but replaced the Biblical Christian worldview in Australian society and hence forth in all of our major institutions especially government.


To that end we are proposing an immigration policy that aims to give priority to Christians of any race fleeing persecution. We would also place a moratorium on Muslim immigration at least until the government and the domestic Islamic community have had time to implement policies that will effectively deal with radicalisation.



Even most right-wing extremists agree that selling daughters and beating slaves is un-Australian, but Ewan McDonald wants an Old Testament Australia filled with fire, brimstone and child sacrifice. In addition to all of his other hateful delusions, Ewan McDonald passionately despises the idea of queer people getting married. He wants Australians to practice the version of marriage described in his religious dogma, which includes slavery, incest, polygamy and forcing sexual assault survivors to marry the person that assaulted them.


As a member of Right to Life Australia, Ewan is strongly committed to opposing abortion in all its forms and considers abortion to be one of the most serious issue facing our State and Nation. Ewan has a diverse range of interests from shooting to philosophy and theology.


Ewan McDonald if he had a dating profile
Ewan McDonald, if he had a dating profile


Our liberal democratic system and rule-of-law concept which has provided Westerners with a liberty and prosperity unprecedented in human history, are both concepts rooted in Christian theology. Neither secularism nor any other religion for that matter could ever or has ever provided a similar foundation.


With statements like that it’s clear that Ewan McDonald isn’t a historian, and he isn’t a scientist, and he’s not smart enough to be either, but even if he agreed with 97% of the world’s scientists that climate change is real, he is concerned with more important things than the potential extinction of humanity:


I am personally convinced that what we are hearing about climate-change is 95% exaggeration, hype and alarmism, and that it is nothing like the threat to the world that is being claimed. Furthermore, the preoccupation with climate-change is distracting public attention from issues that pose a far more serious threat to our future quality of life and social harmony. I am far more concerned with the collapse of public morality and what Andrew Bolt has termed the “coarsening of our culture”. Specifically I am referring to the general acceptance and promotion of abortion, homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, infidelity, profanity, drunkenness and gambling, etc.


Now that you’ve read this, you should all get drunk and have some really fucking gay sex with someone other than your long term partner, for money, while filming it. We bet you 50 shekels that you still won’t piss him off as much as not having control over women’s bodies.

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