Aaron Cross

Aaron Cross

Aaron Cross is an extremely violent neo-Nazi who is infamous for using a flagpole to attack his unarmed victims, including stabbing an unsuspecting female photographer in Bendigo on August 29, 2015.

When he’s not using weapons to brutally attack innocent people, Aaron Cross spends his time spreading hatred and vitriol around Wodonga or harassing and threatening people online.

Aaron Cross Stabbing an Unarmed Woman
Aaron Cross Stabbing an Unarmed Woman

Vicious, filled with rage, and completely remorseless, Aaron Cross is well known for his brutal use of a weapon to assault unarmed women and bystanders. Even though he’s likely to be considerably less dangerous when he isn’t armed with the signature flagpole he stabs his victims with, Aaron Cross is a cowardly, woman-bashing flagwit. Females and photographers in particular are his favoured victims and should be extremely careful when Aaron Cross is around in case he launches into a violent rage.

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