Blair Cottrell

Blair Cottrell

Blair Cottrell (aka “Blah Cocksmell”) is trying to be Australia’s Fuhrer but he keeps getting tripped up by his friends and his own simplicity. Desperate for attention but unable to lead any kind of cohesive following without getting in constant, petty fights with his associates, Blah rants hopelessly into the vacuum of the internet and occasionally finds gullible ears to nod along.

When he’s not in jail for burning down his ex-girlfriends’ houses, Cocksmell spends most of his time injecting steroids and looking through dictionaries for those few words that he can understand that also sound smart. Blah is known for promoting a copy of Mein Kampf in every classroom and being one of Adolf Hitler’s fondest followers.

Cocksmell wants nothing more than to be the bogan Hitler for Australia’s racist idiots. Unfortunately for him, the one smart thing the UPF leadership does is to prevent Blah from having any sort of control over the organisation, apparently understanding that his narcissism would bring them all down. The one smart thing Blah himself has ever done is to make a video where he accurately called Ralph “Wiggum” Cerminara a cancer.

Blah Cocksmell presents no threat at all while his colleagues are preventing his ego from seizing power.

Update, April 2016

As predicted, Cocksmell’s arrogance destroyed the UPF, leaving only the most subservient and servile members of his inner circle to kiss his arse. Cocksmell now dominates the few weak lackeys that remain.

Despite calling Ralph Cerminara “a cancer that destroys everything it touches”, the UPF made a big deal out of showing the two ‘friends’ arm-in-arm at rallies in March, 2015.

In many of his cringey statements over the previous months, Cottrell has made it clear that his true enemy is the Jews he claims control the world. He’s also made it clear that he is willing to abandon his true beliefs in order to try to keep the UPF afloat, even if that means his following is made up of people who get their opinions about Muslims from or

While it’s not clear exactly what kind of a neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell is, it’s clear that he’s filled with a violent hate that he will direct at anyone, and he’s willing to backflip on his beliefs at a moment’s notice if he thinks it will gain him some more notoriety.

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  1. I’ve been trying to get an email contact for Blairsie so I can give a him a verbal botty smacking. He’s SUCH a naughty little boy that I think he needs a visit from a Dominatrix! Can you help with contact details ?



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