Brad Wiseman

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Adelaide’s Brad Wiseman is a fascist extremist looking for someone to hurt.

With little else going on in his life, Brad Wiseman hopes to find an opportunity to prove how tough he is by bashing someone – and then their friends – as he makes clear in comments he makes to the Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed page.

Brad Wiseman wants to find and crush people
Brad Wiseman wants to find and crush people

We condemn Brad Wiseman for his disgusting comments, but equally culpable are the creators and administrators of the page who, at best, turn a blind eye to the plans for violence on their page, and at worst, promote it. Brad Wiseman’s comment is just one of the many¬†examples of the violent, abusive and threatening comments that are allowed – and encouraged – on Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed by administrators Fay Hill, Ralph Cerminara, Shermon Burgess and Liz Carlsen.

As his public calls for violence suggest, Brad Wiseman is a dangerous individual and should be avoided.

Threat level

Dayjob:       SAFE Worker at D.P.T.I. / Public Transport Services

Location:       Adelaide

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