Corey Hadow

Corey Hadow

Corey Hadow is a violent racist who is famous for assaulting random people at protest rallies, often by using projectiles such as glass bottles to try and inflict as much harm as possible on their unsuspecting victims. Preferring to hide from the consequences of their violent actions, Corey Hadow always uses a mask in a vain attempt to obscure their identity while they attempt to break the law, hurt innocent people, and brutally assault innocent strangers.

Usually seen with Zane Chapman, Corey Hadow is an extremely violent, being repeatedly implicated in violence directed at innocent people at rallies.

Zane Chapman throwing a glass bottle. Also pictured is partner-in-violence Corey Hadow
Zane Chapman throwing a glass bottle at counter-protesters alongside partner-in-violence Corey Hadow

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