Dave Read

An average scared, right-wing extremist, Dave Read is failing to kick off the UPF’s presence in Albury-Wodonga to gain some sliver of recognition from a world that doesn’t want him.

Expressing all of the typical qualities of coward fascists, Dave Read is misogynistic, poorly educated and filled with hate.

Along with the few other vociferous morons trying to make Albury-Wodonga look like a backwater shithole, Dave Read spends much of his time harassing the local council and organising protests that are so unpopular that the protesters find themselves outnumbered by pedestrians passing through.

Dave Read is a standard wannabe thug whose tough act is a complete farce. Apart from his ridiculous hand gestures that are so stupid they are known to sometimes incapacitate the brains of intelligent people, Dave Read presents little threat.

Dave Read Posing
Dave Read Posing
Attempting to gain recognition from other bigoted idiots
Threat level

Dayjob:       Full-time racist

Location:       Wodonga

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