Dennis Huts

Dennis Huts

When he’s not bashing women or threatening them with revenge porn, Dennis Huts is a deranged white supremacist homophobe that wanders around Perth talking to himself at great length and creeping out everyone around him.

A lonely, frightened manchild, Dennis Huts’ MO is to film the victims of his unwanted harassment while he walks around demanding attention from anyone he can get in the way of.

Like all of Australia’s vocal racist fuckheads, Dennis Huts is afraid of everything he doesn’t understand, and the thing he seems to understand least is education. He passionately hates educated people. Frighteningly, Dennis is raising children and is depriving them of the education that every Australian is entitled to.

Dennis Huts is the worst kind of misogynist, seemingly without even the ability to perceive females as human.

Huts is known to threaten women with everything from physical violence to revenge porn. That is when he’s not just going straight to punching women in the face to prove how tough and manly he is:

Dennis Huts bashing a woman in public
Dennis Huts bashing a woman in public

Having spent time in prison, and having been implicated in serious harassment towards innocent people, Dennis Huts is well-known to the police. As Huts is mainly known for harassing people while filming them for the UPF’s propaganda, if he approaches you, we recommend contacting the authorities immediately.

Dennis Huts is a fascist zombie prowling for someone weaker than him to fight. He should be considered dangerous because he is an insecure, narcissistic cumstain who is likely to become violent* as he escalates his clamber for recognition and viciously lashes out at the people he torments.

* As predicted, Huts’ behaviour has escalated to violence, as seen in the picture above.

With 6ish words, Dennis Huts can be described almost completely: Sexist, racist, homophobic, scared, violent neo-Nazi.

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