Jason Millward


After investigating what I initially thought was an expression of pride in my nation, our culture and heritage I’ve come to understand that there are certain individuals in prominent places who use this as a tool to pursue other agendas.

Lies, manipulation and misinformation are rife and good people are being hurt. I’m not going to support any ‘cult’. I believe we are all human, we all have rights to peace and happiness and the ‘many can’t be at blame for the few’.

I withdrew my interest in these people after discovering elements which I did not agree with and after choosing to investigate the opposite end of the spectrum for a higher understanding I too have been set upon by people I once called friends.

Today and going forward I implore all Australians to better understand those around us whom we once considered foe.

Black, white, red, blue or green, I don’t care.

If people are going about their business peacefully, allow them to continue to do so.

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