Jason Shallcross

Melton’s Jason Shallcross wants to win the award for Australia’s Loudest Fascist Fuckhead but he struggles with debilitating cowardice. Currently Jason Shallcross is hiding behind the pseudonym “Jay Truozi” while abusing people and regurgitating bogan vitriol, but he has also been known to use the name “Jay Zen” in a poor attempt to conceal his identity.

Jason Shallcross spends his life attempting to export as much idiotic hate from Melton as he possibly can while cowering in his dad’s basement. Usually exhausted from verbal hit-and-run attacks and content to be part of the UPF’s background rabble, Jason Shallcross acts hard on the internet but is as fragile as the typical macho fascist if he ever waddles out into the streets.

Jason Shallcross is one of the gullible gronks that was humiliated by Skylah.

Here’s a visual aid. This is, apparently, the most intimidating picture Jason Shallcross could take to put on the UPF page to display his alpha-male masculinity:

Jason Shallcross: At Least 45% Man
Jason Shallcross: At least 45% man
Threat level

Location:       Melton

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One thought on “Jason Shallcross

  1. Jason Shallcross is a lier, cheat, and a fraud. Jason some how got custody of my baby girl. He has been operating his own courier company since November 201. Since then he has not declared any of it to the ato or centrelink in that time has been claiming disability then parenting payment single. He is earning up to $6000 on top of benefits, no one will investigate him. I have even given ato and centrelink his bank details. He also lost his licence so when he got fines he put them in my name, no one would do anything about that either. He is a waist of a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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