Linden Watson

Linden Watson

Linden Watson is an especially low functioning member of the UPF leadership. While we have discussed at great length whether to include Linden on this site at all, we ultimately feel that it isn’t fair for us to judge who falls below an arbitrary level of perceived intellectual capacity.

Linden Watson’s whole role in the UPF seems to be to make the other members seem more intelligent by comparison.

Linden Watson was one of the victims of Skylah.

While Linden Watson is an endless source of hilarity and we’ve all agreed that it would be unfair not to include him here, none of us actually wants to write this. It makes us think about how all of the racist wankstains on this site are disadvantaged, and their stupidity and hatred is caused by systemic social problems and multi-generational vicious cycles of educational deficits.

It’s really just not nice to pick on people with severe intellectual deficiencies.

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