Liz Carlsen

Liz Carlsen

Liz Carlsen is the UPF’s leader. She is the unstable racist hatemonger at the top of the UPF’s command hierarchy. She answers to no one but The Emperor.

Liz Carlsen directs the less influential members of the UPF to make videos and promote her cause, threatening anyone that dares challenge her with a slow and excruciating death.

Everyone (including her followers) recognises that the endless stream of putrid sewage spewing out of her holes is nonsense, but everyone submits to her wishes anyway in order to avoid having their brains liquefied by her shrill barking.

Liz Carlsen is, without contest, the UPF’s most dangerous person. She is always surrounded by her harem of UPF boys making a stealth approach extremely difficult, and her squeal has an effective range of over 50m, making it impossible to engage her up close.

If you see Liz Carlsen in the wild, alert the authorities and seek shelter immediately. Do not approach under any circumstances. Liz Carlsen is a dangerous psycho and the steroid-junky thugs that take her orders are willing to die to defend their hive queen.

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