Michael Sutherland

Michael Sutherland

Michael Sutherland is probably the most hate-filled redneck racist in the Gippsland area. Michael Sutherland’s demented dedication to hating Muslims, migrants and minorities is matched in ferocity only by his desire to murder any Australians who don’t like white supremacy – and their families.

Rather than describing how ignorant, hateful and cowardly this petty thug is, we’ll let his own words do the explaining.

On October 7, Michael Sutherland recorded an articulate and eloquent video about a shooting and saying “my son would never do that”. Later that day he uploaded another video saying that left-wing people should be shot in the face. And their families, too.


Alrighty. To all you left wing motherfucking antifa cunts. We hope you all rock up to the Bendigo rally. Eah. We gunna have fun.

We hope all o you cocksuckers who defend Islam rock up in Bendigo this weekend. Cause enough’s enough. How many fucking pedo rat dog fucking supporters do we need in this country? Eah.

Me personally – and everyone else in Australia – we all say “Fuck you Islam, you fucking rat pedo fucking child fucking loving dog rat cunts. Get fucked.”

And I find it utterly disgusting that you cunts can sit there and say “be with us or against us”. Eah. You cunts are mentally fucken. In the head mate. In the fucking head.

You cunts need a 50 cals, point blank range to the face. You and all your family. You have sick twisted motherfucking dogs. Eah.

I can’t wait til the day shit really hits the fan over here. And we call it fucking. We end it. Nep. Cz guess wha.

We will not fucking give up this fucking land. Eah. We will fight wif a smile and our face. Kiz the Aussie way of life.

United. We stand. Divided we fall. Eah. See. Fuck you, you filthy rats. Get fucked. Not welcome. Goodbye.


The person responsible for saying those things is also responsible for raising a child.

Michael Sutherland is potentially a murderous sociopath who is likely to be extremely dangerous if he has access to weapons.

1 thought on “Michael Sutherland

  1. His IQ is on par with that other neo nazi scumbag Glenn Androvski/ Anderson. The short fat woman abusing, racist vermin who has Anglo Saxon (Germanic) tattooed on the back of his head so other Nazis will not realize he is actually Macedonian (Slavic). Androvski also has swastikas, 14/88, iron crosses, southern crosses, and union jacks tattooed on him.



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