Neil Erikson

Neil Erikson

Convicted criminal Neil Erikson is equal parts bogan and Nazi but isn’t smart enough to be good at either.

To ensure his conviction for harassing a rabbi doesn’t go to waste, Neil Erikson is one of the leading proponents of neo-Nazism in Australia.

Apart from being a hateful criminal, Neil Erikson is famous for looking ridiculous while being one of the UPF’s most shameless dickheads.

Update, April 2016

Erikson was kicked out of the UPF for taking too much pride in his shitty videos.

Despite his conviction for his vicious harassment of a rabbi, Erikson has started to speak out against people who identify as Nazis.

Since it was only other Nazis that didn’t ridicule him for his scared stupidity, Erikson has been struggling to find a clique that will accept his racist views, choosing instead to create the United Patriots Front – Originals in an effort to reclaim some of the attention he had for being a criminal neo-Nazi attending racist rallies. It’s going super well.

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