Ralph Cerminara

Ralph Cerminara

Former leader of the defunct Australian Defence League, Ralph “Wiggum” Cerminara’s one skill is finding unique and surprising ways to get himself in trouble with the law.

Wiggum is just smart enough to attract a small following of braindead racist fuckheads, but not smart enough to do any damage without constantly finding himself in police stations and law courts.

Ralph Cerminara runs the defamatory hate page Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed where he uses his barely legible ramblings to have the families of his victims targeted with violence. Wiggum doesn’t have the guts to confront men or people of his own size, so he spends most of his time wandering around shopping centres and carparks looking for women to harass, often filming his harassment and uploading it to his hate page so the few idiots who follow him can jerk off over it.

Here’s a video about Ralph featuring Sperman Burgess doing what Squirmy Burgess is famous for and lying while having a huge sook:


For more information, here’s a video that explains more about Wiggum’s lies and stupidity:


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