Scott Moerland

Scott Moerland

Former soldier, current brainwashed sycophant, Scott Moerland is by far the most educated of all of the UPF’s idiot racists, having necessarily undergone some amount of training to become a soldier.

Presumably after getting a taste for slaughtering Muslims in Middle Eastern countries, Scott Moerland wants to continue the violence in Australia. Scott Moerland’s aggression and propensity for violence are clear in every hateful tirade he forces the internet to endure. Unlike Ralph Cerminara, Scott Moerland is not a valour thief and instead is just a violent maniac – the perfect fascist solider.

Whether you think he’s like Matt Damon from Team America or if you fall into the Kermit the Frog camp, we all agree that he’s a soulless puppet.

3 thoughts on “Scott Moerland

    1. Gavin Ross, it is somewhat satire, but it’s all based on the truth.

      In this case, we’ve reviewed the article and we are willing to admit that the author did get a bit carried away here.

      In hindsight we should have realised how obviously ludicrous it is to suggest that a fascist fuckbrain like Moerland is educated.


  1. I hv personaly interacted with Scott Moerland. Being a Indian from the subcontinent I hae had the pleasurd of interacting with Scott. What he is trying to warn the ‘Love all’ obsessed will only be understood when we go thru a Paris style attack. I am Indian and wehave had more 80million indians murdered by the ideology if ISLAM….and we have learnt well.



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