Helen Leach

Helen Leach

Ostensibly, Councillor Helen Leach is second-in-command of the United Patriots Front in Bendigo, subservient only to Elise Chapman. Many argue that Elise Chapman isn’t smart enough to lead water out of a paper bag and suspect that this is a thin ruse, with Helen Leach actually pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Helen Leach has a large following of thugs who help her disrupt council meetings and shape the nationwide view of Bendigo as a bunch of loud, insolent bogans. When she’s not interfering with the ability of the Bendigo council to govern, Helen Leach enjoys “walking her dog, swimming, music” and oppressing minorities.

Helen Leach on her own isn’t very dangerous, but she has an uncanny ability to manipulate the mobs of violent idiots that follow her around. When she’s alone and there’s no mob nearby, Helen Leach will force her victims to look into the infinite blackness of her eyes to destroy them. Approach with caution.

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