Steven Hansford

Proud neo-Nazi Steven Hansford is known for being the example people use when they are arguing that a license should be required to have children.

Steven Hansford: Public Profile of a Nazi Father
Steven Hansford: Public profile of a Nazi father

Apart from failing to use birth control, hating anyone with darker skin than his and taking copious amounts of illicit drugs, Steven Hansford’s other skill is not** being a jugallo juggalo*.

Thanks to Steven Hansford himself for providing this correction in the comments below. 

** As pointed out by another comment, the wider juggalo community does not support racist scum like this, and there is a specific name for them.

Child Indoctrinator
Threat level

Location:       Bendigo

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10 thoughts on “Steven Hansford

    1. Yes terrible how dear they do that to a licensed child…. Well im assuming he has a license for it? Right?


    1. I work for an insanely wealthy financial institution, and I love it. yet I’m a lefty??
      you don’t really know what the left wing is do you?


  1. Hello mr editor man.
    Without getting into a debate on musical tastes and talent, a juggalo is someone who has a open mind and love for everyone no matter race color religion or any other thing.

    We have a word for racist scum like this, its juggaHOE. Who gives a damn how this tool wants it spelt. Juggahoe is the correct spelling for this racist wankers skill.


    1. No, he’s definitely not smart enough to do that. Gregg Hansford is a completely different fascist scumbag from Melbourne.

      This is Gregg Hansford:
      Gregg Hansford

      Whether they share the same uncle dad and aunty mum is another question.



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