Sue Hicks

Sue Hicks

Knowing she can’t contribute anything to the community, Sue Hicks is one of the volatile United Patriots Front racists that spend all of their time harassing the Bendigo council.

Sue Hicks posing for a photo with some of Australia's most extremist racists
Sue Hicks posing for a photo with some of Australia’s most extremist racists, including Adam Lloyd, Phill Galea and Steven Hansford.

Although Sue Hicks is lower in the Bendigo UPF command structure than her superiors Helen Leach and Elise Chapman, she is reputed to be one of UPF Bendigo’s higher ranking minions and has the ability to form and command small mobs of thugs.

While the threat Sue Hicks presents is currently low compared to her associates, her ability to disrupt local governance through the spontaneous creation of small posses (combined with the unlimited free time she seems to have to do so) necessitates monitoring. When her hatred for minorities eventually supersedes the lulz of fucking with local parking regulations and civic planning at council meetings, its likely Sue Hicks will target her disruptive attacks directly at any brown people she encounters.

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