Ziggy Zapata

Ziggy Zapata

Owner of his own homage to Nazism, hotheads.com.au, Zigmunt Malter (aka Ziggy Zapata) is a profoundly stupid racist coward.

Ziggy Zapata is an immigrant with such little respect for Australian law that he proudly boasts about ignoring it by refusing to employ people of certain religions, instead employing an abundance of cognitive dissonance.

Ziggy Zapata frequently asks why his ignorant hatred is called racism by trying to conflate religion with race, but then he goes on long tirades trying to justify the slaughter of “immigrants” and anyone whose skin is darker than his. Zigmunt Malter has a sick sense of humour and considers atrocities involving the deaths of foreigners the height of comedy.

Ziggy Zapata Laughing When Brown People Die
Zigmunt “Ziggy Zapata” Malter Laughing When Brown People Die

Fascinatingly, while Ziggy Zapata is so afraid of Muslims that he made an entire website dedicated to telling people how scared he is, he also believes that 9/11 was an inside job – presumably perpetrated by non-Muslims.

As you would expect from one of Rupert Murdoch’s most prolific idiots, Zippy Zapata wholeheartedly believes all of the stupidest far-right nonsense, such as climate change being a hoax. Even though Zigmunt Malter is too cowardly to voice his fear publicly (with his hotheads website containing an entire section dedicated to justifying his “anonymity”), he is much too stupid to hide his identity.

Ziggy Zapata is an especially stupid racist and the sadistic enjoyment he seems to get from watching people suffer means he should be considered very dangerous.

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