Fascist Fuckhead Friday 3: Australia-wide wankers

Fascist Fuckhead Friday 3

It’s been a busy week for Australia’s racist morons. They’ve been jumping through hoops to try to distance themselves from the latest terrorists, misogynists and shameless neo-Nazis that make up large portions of the movement. It has been tough. They’ve had to repeatedly change their lies about terrorist Phill Galea as the truth becomes more widely distributed. Many of them, such as Shermie Burgess, had to pull all-night ice binges to ensure they’d be awake on time for Sunday’s rally.

We’re still sifting through all of the data we’ve collected and the new submissions we’ve received since last weekend’s hate rallies, so this Fascist Fuckhead Friday is a sampling of different dingbat drongos from all over the country.

From Queensland this week we have

  • The infamous Kim Vuga, one of the most hated people in the country and one of the most despicable people on the planet.
  • Christian extremist, Stop The Mosque operator/failure and very lonely full-time racist James Darby.
  • Marilyn Stewart, a relentlessly divisive dumbfuck.

From Victoria

  • Dave Read is the UPF’s pissy poser in Albury-Wodonga.
  • Jason Shallcross is still harassing and oppressing people under a pseudonym, showing his remarkable ability to avoid learning, including the simple lesson of not to be an arsehole.
  • Nazi dad Steven Hansford, manchild Nathan Lindrea and the overcompensating David Wicks are all competing to be known as Bendigo’s biggest dickhead.
  • Vampiric councillor Helen Leach is assumed by many to be leader of the UPF in the same area, though officially she’s second in command to councillor/despised dipshit Elise Chapman who is famous for being almost as stupid and hateful as Kim Vuga.
  • All the above are supported by blithering Bendigo bigot, Julie Hoskin, who may be the most paranoid extremist in the country.

NSW features

  • The capricious coward controlling the Facebook disgrace known as “We Care A Lot”, Rachel Thew.
  • Zigmunt Malter, aka Ziggy Zapata, the anonymous arsehole in charge of neo-Nazi resource hotheads.com.au.
  • The remarkable stupidity of Peter Lean, a man who has distributed his ignorance so far and wide that a city in Texas caught a piece and sent some back.
  • Tammie Arragon, who provides the perfect example of how, yes, it is racism.
  • Admin of Stop The Orange Mosque Facebook page, Stu Harvey, a comically stupid stooge whose racist hatred is no laughing matter.
  • Jason Millward, who proudly strives to be known as the worst person in Gosford.

And finally, this week’s Western Australian wanker is Jimmy McKinlay, famous for publicly trying to incite his fascist friends to commit murder by burning down buildings filled with innocent people.

1 thought on “Fascist Fuckhead Friday 3: Australia-wide wankers

  1. At last ! A media rant in the best possible fashion! Taking it up to the Neanderthal knuckle draggers using their own tactics. I’d love to round these filthy gutter scum up and ship them in cattle trucks off to Nauru for a minimum 5 years. I’ve been despairing of the oh so polite bourgeois squeakings of various “people against bigotry” type organisations. Finally a good slice of “in ya face” tactics – a breath of fresh air!!!
    Keep it up folks – I’m definitely on your side………
    Phil Stanton – a typical Aussie. 2nd generation, European and British grandparents, economic and social migrants who certainly came by boat, live in Sth East Asia a lot of the time and have Vietnamese girlfriend and personal friends.



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