Fascist Fuckhead Friday Eleven

Nazis come in all shapes and sizes

In this edition we have an old, fat, nazi troll Denis Mulheron who got snipped for 50 K for being you guessed it a nazi troll.

Read about the adventures of Denis aka  Donna Maria Morello right here

A guide to committing small business suicide for the far right

Then there’s the curious case of Brisbane electrician Simon Hickey and his public endorsement of the Daily Stormer site. In fact he went so far as to advertise he was a corporate sponsor of Daily Stormer. Didn’t work out so well. Check out the story here

The Soldiers of Oozin’

Then we have some happy snaps of the Soldiers of Odin crew. If you are not up to speed on who the SOO are this comprehensive article will help you out http://www.kieransreview.com/2016/10/10/who-are-the-soldiers-of-odin/. They’ve been running “street patrols” in the Melbourne CBD of late, apparently to keep order and tend to the homeless. Yeah I know, look when you’ve stopped laughing and got your breath back here’s a pic of a happy day for the SOO. Looks like they managed not to fight with each other of the TBC long enough to take a happy pic.

Sweet isn’t it?

Play match the picnicking bigot with the profiles and the picture below. Your prize if you match the whole jolly bunch of pirates is a long shower and scrub…you’ll need it.

Jay Moore Mick Bevans Swiv McKay Derek Nolan Cam Moody McCann

Ashley McIvor Garry Donaldson Garry Mattsson Corey Baines Shaun Butinar

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