Fascist Fuckhead Friday Twelve

Welcome to FFF12

In this issue we have a mixture of new and back catalogue fascists for you, There’s Nazi’s, Alt-Righters, clueless randoms, a shrivelled scrotum and a whole host more.

We lead off with the tale of the four Troys and the age old struggle of the short man with a big ego.



Then it’s on to the man who took the advice to wear the brown pants…everyday…master race meets basement dweller here.


Forrest Gump recommends the bombing of the Greens HQ



Dad urges burning down a school full of kids ‘cos he doesn’t like yoga




A flog who reckons the holocaust only happened in Russia and was carried out by Jews.



A man who has shed blood for the flag…his own blood…from his own flag.



A thug from Adelaide to watch out for



This one is last but only because of the time the story came to us. It is actually the most important here and speaks about sexual violence against women by “patriots” who are in reality just perverted scum. Speaking with the victim online she is way too tough for this to hurt her, but for others it’s not always so. This one has made the crew very angry and we’re not very nice when we’re angry- this one’s not over.


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