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Late in 2015, Southern Crosstika began coming online to the world. We’ve profiled a bunch of far-right extremists and reported on some of the nonsense that they can get up to, but we’ve barely scratched the surface of where we’re going.

Coming in 2016, there will be so much more of the things you’ve come to love or hate about us, but we’re ramping things up with some new additions, starting with:


Nazi Trophy

Coming in 2016, we are introducing nominations for a series of awards that we intend to give to some of Australia’s worst fascists. The website will be used for submitting nominations and voting on the finalists.

So far our award categories are as follows:

  • Most Hateful Dickhead
  • Most Misogynistic Racist
  • Loudest Fascist Fuckhead
  • Least Coherent Haterant
  • Stupidest Flagfondler

Do you think we’re missing something? Add your suggestion in the comments below.

The Insurance Protocol

When you are fighting against fascists, death threats, rape threats and violent harassment are par for the course. Right-wing extremists are stupid, but they are persistent. At Southern Crosstika, we have taken various measures to protect our identities and the identities of those who support us. Today we are unveiling one of those measures to the public.

The Insurance Dump

The Insurance Dump is an encrypted dump of almost all of our 2015 research files. This data is research information that we never want or intend to reveal publicly.

The dump contains vast amounts of data about hundreds of Australian fascists. The information includes details about relationships and connections to other fascists, phone numbers and addresses, and copies of entire private Facebook profiles, including every post ever made and every picture ever uploaded.

Southern Crosstika Insurance Dump Files Screenshot
Insurance Dump Files Screenshot

We are aiming to get the compressed file size below 1GB. It will become available for download from various file sharing and torrent sites in early January.

We do not want to make any of this information public, but if the identity of any of our informants, researchers, admins, developers or writers are ever revealed, we will publish the encryption key for this file.

This is our insurance: if you compromise any of our people, you compromise hundreds of your own.

Informants, researchers and spies

Southern Crosstika is looking for volunteers to contribute to our growing collection of data. Please contact us to get involved.

If you know of any racists, fascists and hateful bigots that need to be monitored, send through your screenshots, links or other information. The fastest way is through the Contribute page.

Are you in a Facebook group that’s specific to your area? We welcome people to send us screenshots and information from their local Facebook groups when the racists come out to play. People from areas with their own mini fascist movements (such as Bendigo, Gladstone, Melton, Bunbury, Orange etc.) are especially wanted.

The most precious information comes from those who have created fake patriot personas and infiltrated their organisations. While we already have a large and established network of spies feeding us information from the inside, we can always use more. If you are one of those stoic people with the constitution to consistently pretend to be a fuckhead, you are one of the people who can help us most, so get in contact with us.

Now, while we’re on this topic…

Moles, Rats and Double-Agents

Since our launch, we’ve heard a lot of talk about how we acquired the vast amounts of inside information that we’ve begun sharing. We believe it’s important to dispel some rumours and clarify some things before people get carried away with paranoid accusations.

Blair Cottrell smashing a phone with a sledgehammer due to paranoia
Blair Cottrell smashing a phone with a sledgehammer due to paranoia

First and foremost, there is an insidious and undying rumour that we have somehow managed to infiltrate all of these organisations with our own people who are providing us information from the inside. We feel that we need to clarify that this is very much true and we’re confident that acknowledging this will have no effect on our ability to continue.

The groups we’ve infiltrated are filled to the brim with braindead dumbfucks and that is the essence of what distinguishes them from normal, everyday Australians. The only method these groups have for distinguishing between true fuckheads from impostors like us is intelligence – and they’re on the end of the spectrum that limits the ways they can perceive (and therefore test) that.

If they start kicking out everyone who has ever admitted to completing high school then they may eliminate some of our sources, but they’ll also lose the few people they have with a modicum of intellect, making them even stupider – and funnier. We consider that outcome entirely acceptable.

It also needs to be made clear that Southern Crosstika has existed for much longer than this name or website. Until recently we have been lurking in the background, watching very carefully and working very hard to ensure that every time a new fascist movement seems to be growing somewhere in the country, we have operatives on the inside from the very start. Every committee they form, every secret group they start and every meeting they hold, we’re there.

Southern Crosstika is not just a website. Southern Crosstika is the nascent public face of a large group of dedicated people who have been repelling fascism from the shadows for a long, long time.

If you’re a racist reading this and wondering who you can trust, remember this: you aren’t smart enough to realise that some of the people you now call friends secretly hate you. If you spread racist hatred in Australia, we know who you are.

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