It Must Be Nearly Christmas: Wiggum Is Going To Jail

Ralph Cerminara at Christmas

According to various sources, Ralph “Wiggum” Cerminara has once again found his way to the inside of a cell. As he does every year, Wiggum apparently went down to Lakemba to start fights with brown people, got his arse handed to him, and now gets to spend Christmas behind bars. Again.

It’s tradition.

For those who aren’t familiar with Wiggum’s stupidity, the former leader of dipshit club Australian Defense League is a valour thief and attention seeking criminal who clambers for acknowledgement by any means he can, usually through harassing and threatening people, or by having his posse send violent rape threats to young women.

As typically happens when Ralph gets locked up, racist fuckwit Fay Hill has assumed full control of their hate page, Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed, and is using that as a platform to lie to their gullible fascist following about the reason for Ralph’s arrest.

According to Hill’s nonsensical line of propaganda, Wiggum went to Lakemba to avenge the deaths of white people by bashing random people on the streets, but he got the shit kicked out of him (again), got arrested (again), and they both told a bunch of lies about the whole situation (again).

Ralph Cerminara practises martial arts in preparation for his annual humiliation in Lakemba.
Ralph Cerminara practises martial arts in preparation for his annual humiliation in Lakemba.

Hill claimed that Wiggum was in hospital but has since recanted, probably because it will soon become apparent that Wiggum’s arrest actually stems from his direct involvement in harassing victims of the vandalism he promotes and encourages. After uploading multiple videos that show him trying to intimidate someone (at a venue that he probably vandalised himself), it seems likely that Ralph Cerminara is set to face another round of charges for another violent crime.

It just wouldn’t be Christmas if Ralph Cerminara wasn’t behind bars.


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