It’s Fascist Fuckhead Friday 2! Here are some of the most dangerous racists to watch out for this Sunday

Fascist Fuckhead Friday 2

It’s the second Fascist Fuckhead Friday and we’re using this opportunity to warn our fellow Australians about some of the more violent rednecks that are likely to attend the various hate rallies planned across the country for Sunday.

  • The UPF’s Western Australian creep, Dennis Huts, is likely to be trawling for victims in Perth on Sunday.
  • Nick Abbott is a violent fascist from Bendigo and the personification of Australia’s racist movements. A sheep who follows other fascists wherever they gather, on Sunday there’s no doubt that he’ll be wandering the streets looking to hit someone in the genitals with a flagpole.
  • Dangerous extremist Michael Sutherland from Gippsland is likely to show up to a rally with murderous intentions. We only hope he isn’t armed.
  • Zane Chapman – a criminal who bashes people knowing that the fines he receives for violent assaults are paid by Reclaim Australia – will be out again on Sunday, throwing glass bottles at medics, starting fights and generally trying to hurt anyone he can.
  • And last but not least, infamous ladystabber Aaron Cross is likely to be armed and searching for any opportunity to attack unarmed victims at one of Sunday’s rallies.

For anyone attending a rally on Sunday, be sure to keep your eyes out for these potentially violent criminals and neo-Nazis.

1 thought on “It’s Fascist Fuckhead Friday 2! Here are some of the most dangerous racists to watch out for this Sunday

  1. You f@#king idgit liar. I personally know Nick Abbott and he wouldn’t/couldn’t hurt a fly. He may be a big boy but that means nothing. He’s standing up for what he believes just as you are. Difference is he has educated himself on facts where as dick wads like you have to make up lies to justify your cause. Tell me how the f@#k a religion is a race? Espeacially when anyone from any race can join? Muslim’s can be as white as you or I but apparently you can only be a racist (according to lefty socialist logic) if you’re white. Educate yourself on the whole islamic doctrine rather than listening to what you want to hear to support your agenda. Muslim’s that are good people are despite islam not because of it. You use the race card because you are unable to support your argument. Oh, and I am mixed race but a proud Australian.



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