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Over the last couple of months, Southern Crosstika has been exceedingly quiet to the public.

Some of us have been constrained by work and other commitments, but some of our founders have departed from Southern Crosstika entirely after having achieved the goals they originally set. These decisions haven’t been made rashly and although Southern Crosstika considers the identities of its contributors to be irrelevant, it is with a heartfelt love that we say thank you and goodbye to these fine people.

We’re welcoming some new contributors, and we’re still looking for new social media spammers, photoshoppers, investigators and writers to fill the gaps. If you’d like to join us in deterring fascists and racists, please contact us, otherwise you can enjoy the resumption of our regular fascist exposés.

While this was happening on our end, Australia’s patriot soap opera has been turned upside down by leaks, departures and strange reunions.

We couldn’t possibly describe it all in one post, so we’ve just listed some of our favourite happenings:

Noil Erikson, Squirmy Burgers and Wiggum Cerminara have all been in court for some of their despicable behaviour and things have gone quite poorly for all of them.

Squirmy Burgers declared that he was quitting his attention-seeking race-baiting on Facebook, and (once again) this time it was for good. Moments later he came back from quitting fascism (again), and alongside Wiggum and Noil, started making a big deal saying what everyone already knows: that Bliar and the UPF are Nazis. Then he said had enough, and he went off the grid, but for good this time. A few days later he resurfaced, starting a new page with Noil to reflect that they were the ‘United Patriots Front – Originals‘, and using it to advance some tin-foil-hat-level conspiracy theories on their ozconspiracy.com page. Now Squirmy appears to be gone again and no-one knows whether it’s because he quit again or if he’s just temporarily focussing on paying off his court fees.

Amidst a series of #UPFLeaks that exposed the violent stupidity of its leadership, the UPF started haemorrhaging members from its so-called ‘inner circle’, the core crew of cockbrains who had once promised to be the Fuehrer’s most faithful minions. After Wiggum’s walk off the plank and Squirmy’s separation, there was Winden’s withdrawal, Indie’s improvement, and Erikson’s eviction. Farmer John is finally gone, there’s no more Nalliah, and Kriso kissed the leftover dipshits goodbye. Despite being Blair’s protégé, Dennis Huts – wannabe revenge pornographer and all-round scumbag white supremacist – also fled the UPF’s sinking shit. Lacking any integrity or the ability to think for himself, Huts has since acquiesced to Cottrell’s demands to return. The group has since been unanimously condemned by the New South Wales parliament.

Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed, one of the original inspirations for our existence, was finally purged from Facebook. With her partner-in-hatred Liz Carlsen, Fay Hill was lashing out through all of her Facebook accounts (like the snake-headed tentacles of the perfect metaphor for the horrific monstrosity she is), causing Facebook to remove her main page altogether. Fay will undoubtedly spend the next few years desperately trying to reconnect with the 100 scumbags who liked her page last time.

Just before his court date and LWBE being taken down, Wiggum started a new page, Hardcore Patriot – No Excuses, which is getting exactly the kind of love it deserves. While he was unable to post or respond, Wiggum was furiously deleting all of the comments laughing at him, creating the hilarious situation where all his posts have a huge number of comments that are mysteriously gone when clicking to expand them.

Cerminara censoring people who disagree with his violent extremism
Cerminara censoring people who disagree with his violent extremism

The page seems to be abandoned, as Wiggum is now complaining about the taste of his own medicine on a page called Left Wing Bigots and Extremists 3. Perhaps it’s a homage to the name of our new Twitter account.

Needing to fill the dwindling ranks of the UPF, Cottrell has become best buddies with Wiggum again, despite having previously stating that “Ralph Cerminara is a cancer – a virus – and will infect and destroy everything he touches“. It’s hard to decide who looks more foolish.

While morally bankrupt right-wing propagandist Paul Sheehan was only suspended for the inexcusable, lie-filled tirade he wrote for the increasingly racist Sydney Morning Herald, even the Murdoch owned propaganda machines seem to have limits, and the Australian Liberty Alliance has been whining about having some of the ads refused.

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