Patriots Target Young Woman With Rape Threats

Great Aussie Patriot sets followers on young girl

One of the major recurring themes amongst stupid racists is a propensity for misogyny. In Australia, domestic violence and violence against women is a serious problem. Casual misogyny in this country is responsible for helping to normalise an environment where approximately 76 people are killed by their intimate partners each year and over 3/4 of the victims are women (2003).

In order for the CIA to continue slaughtering brown people, Australia’s bigots and xenophobes have been convinced by The Emperor and his Reich Minister of Propaganda to hate and fear Muslims. Even though Australian women are being killed with alarming regularity and the deaths to Islamic terrorism in Australia can be counted on one hand, un-Australians like Shermon Burgess and Ralph “Wiggum” Cerminara don’t care about actual Australian lives. They only care about recycling the rhetoric of their American masters.

Using his idiotic hate site Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed, Wiggum has savagely targeted a young Australian woman with vicious lies and personal attacks, all because she said the two sentences that it takes to make Ralph Cerminara savagely attack young girls:


Hey, I found this event offensive. Please remove the event or content posted that may potentially be harmful.


In order to ensure that the girl’s entire family gets constant death threats for that crime, Shermon Burgess joined the pile-on, sharing Ralph’s lies with his ferocious followers.

The response from Shermon’s tremulous toadies is as sickening and predictable as the number of Australian women who will die at their hands, because – as is clear from their behaviour – these are the types of violent, aggressive men that kill women. The below screenshot is just a small slice of the disgusting hatred directed at this young girl and is a relatively tame example of the violence towards his victims that Shermon Burgess encourages every day.

A screenshot of the violence against women that Shermon Burgess regularly encourages on his infamous hate page, The Great Aussie Patriot.
A screenshot of the violence against women that Shermon Burgess regularly encourages on his infamous hate page, The Great Aussie Patriot.

Shermon and Wiggum get a lot of perverse enjoyment from setting their groupies onto random people and their favoured targets are obviously the people they perceive as weakest, such as young girls. By tomorrow they will have forgotten about the person they spread lies about, unfortunately, her family will continue to receive death threats from the bullies that comprise Australia’s racist hate movements for months to come.

Violence against women doesn’t occur in a cultural vacuum. As Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara are so eager to prove, misogyny in Australia is rampant. Those who want to protect people from actual violence will continue to ignore Murdoch’s bogeymen while trying to address the social problems that are consistently causing Australian deaths. Shermon and Wiggum will continue to promote violence against random Australian girls because to them, that’s patriotism.

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